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The website is being re-developed and should be up and running over the next few weeks


Mens/boys fixtures can be found here - just look for the division and click on Dublin Lions
Mens and Boys Fixtures

Ladies/Girls fixtures can be found here - select division and click button beside - clicking Lions shows only Lions fixtures
Ladies and Girls Fixtures

Training Times: As of August 31st I have the following training times

Academies: Boys Tues 5-6pm: Fri 5-7pm CB
Girls Fri 6-8pm MP (from Sept 7th)

Junior Girls: (From Sept 3rd) All in Moyle Park
U12: Mon 6pm, Weds 6pm, Sat 4pm
U13: Mon 7pm, Weds 7pm, Sat 2:30pm
U14: Mon 8pm, Weds 7pm, Sat 1pm
U15: Tues 7pm, Th 7pm, Sat 10am
U16: Tues 6pm, Th 6pm, Sat 11:30pm

Junior Boys: TBC

Senior Ladies:
Sen2: Mon 9pm, Weds 8pm
Sen4: Tues 8pm, Thurs 8:30pm
Sen5: Tues 9pm, Thurs 8:30pm

Senior Men
D4: Thurs 7pm