News Update

Dublin Lions Basketball Club: An update from the Chairperson.

To all involved with our club:

As we prepare to return to training I would like to take this opportunity to address our members.

Firstly I should say that unfortunately over the last few months we have lost some members of our basketball family. Members, past members, founding members and good friends of the club have sadly lost people. To those friends we offer our deepest condolences. May your loved ones rest in peace.

The club has been working tirelessly since the first easing of the lockdown to try to find a way to get our sport running again. Indeed several teams have been working out in small groups in local parks. This morning we were given the go ahead by the board of management of Colaiste Bride to re-commence training outdoors from today and indoors from Monday next. The club has some very comprehensive guidelines in place for what these new training sessions might look like.

Basketball Ireland have issued two sets of guidelines. All players and coaching staff should familiarise themselves with the first set linked here. The second set is a more comprehensive document – linked here. The club will be following all guidelines from the Government and from Basketball Ireland. The CoVid officer for the club is Rob White – should you have any concerns please contact Rob. The number one priority of the club is to keep our members and their families safe.

The club also has a google form that every junior player and their parent MUST sign before coming back to train. Your coach or the CoVid officer will contact you with a link to this form when training times have been sorted. Obviously we have a lot of teams so this may take a few days. Some of the main points of the club google form are:

Every player MUST have their own ball

Attending Training
Only attend at time of you pre booked training session
Bring your own ball and other equipment.
Arrive as close to time as possible and leave promptly at end
Arrive ready to train as no access available to changing rooms
Know that there is no access to toilet facilities at this time
Wash your hands before coming to training
Bring your own hand sanitiser/ antiseptic wipes.
Parents are asked to drop and leave their children and if waiting on the premises must stay in their own cars.
Club members including parents who do not follow the club guidelines will be asked to leave.

Social Distancing behaviour
To protect against infection:
Players must refrain from hand shaking, high fives and fist pumps
Keep 2 metres away from others at all times.
Do not share balls, equipment, drinks, food, or towels.

Get your own rebounds. Do not rebound for other players.
Follow good cough/sneeze etiquette and dispose of any used tissue in your own bag and bring it home with you.
Sanitise your hands after cough/sneezing.
Avoid touching your face
Avoid touching any surfaces such as position cones, backboard and rims of baskets.
Remain apart from other players if taking a break

When training is finished
Leave promptly at end of training session as directed by supervisor
Sanitise your hands as soon as possible
Go directly to your car or if walking leave immediately
If a player becomes unwell after training first contact your GP and read the HSE guidelines and then inform the club. The club will then follow advice provided to them by the HSE on the next steps.
Players are encouraged to remind other players in a gentle way to adhere to club guidelines.
Players must only bring their own ball
Players should not touch any equipment such as cones
Players must refrain from touching backboard and rims.

Finally can I say that our AGM had to be postponed in May and will take place in September. We look forward to seeing you all back in the near future.

Yours sincerely
Paul Molloy
Dublin Lions Basketball Club